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Welcome to the “New Normal”; Welcome to “Sompony Messenger"

27 May 2020 |
Sompony Messenger

2020, the year where the whole world turned upside down. First, unexpected volcanic eruptions, then the sudden death of Kobe Bryant, and now a pandemic the world must face. The series of unforeseen events led to how mankind should think and react in the rapidly changing environment.

Ever since the pandemic crisis started, people have been relying on technology. More so, social media, most especially, it is the easiest and fastest way to communicate with each other. Being online is already an essential habit.

Nevertheless, customer service is still the top priority for an insurance company.  That is why, we at PGA Sompo introduced the most anticipated Artificial Intelligence Chatbot in the most used social media messenger application in the country, Facebook Messenger. This is the first in the Philippines among all insurance companies. The company calls it the Sompony Messenger. Anyone can inquire and buy insurance thru their Facebook Messenger accounts. From purchasing a specific insurance product, to filing a claim, to finding promotions, to learning more about the company; users can even chat with the company’s mascot, Sompony, Live as if talking to a real person.  It is easy, fun, interactive, and most importantly user friendly.  This application welcomes anyone with a curios mind about the business language while also offering handy and easy-to-comprehend options of purchasing and learning our insurance products with just a click away. PGA Sompo is delighted to announce the launch of this Chatbot, helping our business get ready for the future of customer service.

The “new normal”, as they say, has challenged the Company to modernize its status quo. Thus, this “Sompony Messenger” defies PGA Sompo’s drive and commitment to serve those whose interests demand the convenience and simplicity of insurance discussion. To know more about the application, simply message PGA Sompo Insurance Corporation directly in your Facebook Messenger.