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e-Policy FAQs

1.    Q: What is an e-Policy?
A: An e-Policy is an electronic copy/version of your paper form policy based on the insurance policy specimen that was approved by the Insurance Commission (the “Commission”). This is a valid and legal document; hence, you can print it and submit for your regulatory requirements.

2.    Q: What is the basis of the Company in issuing e-Policy instead of paper form Policy?
A: Conversion of Policy from paper form to electronic form is allowed by the Insurance Commission (the “Commission”) subject to the conditions and requirements provided under the Commission’s Circular Letter No. 2014-47 and 2015-12-C.

3.    Q: Why issuing of e-Policy more beneficial compared to the paper form?
A: The Company’s e-Policy is generated from its core system and hence, available within 1-2  business days after the policy issuance, while it takes around 5 business days before the Policyowner/Insured receives a paper form of the Policy considering the manual/physical delivery. Also, this is part of the Company’s green initiatives to contribute to the preservation of the environment.

4.    Q: If I opt to request for a paper form of my Policy, what is the process and how long will it take before I will be able to receive a copy?
A: You can request for a paper form of your Policy by sending us an email through our email address at The physical delivery will take around five business days.

5.    Q: Are there any associated charges in the exercise of the option to request for a paper form of the Policy?
A: None. The issuance and delivery of paper form Policy to the Policyowner/Insured is free of charge.
6.    Q: Is the e-Policy secured and protected?
A: Yes. Maintaining a high level of security is our top priority. With this, we have provided our e-Policy with online security features.