Innovation for Wellbeing



Job Description:

•    Establish, implement and execute strategic marketing and sales plans and forecasts to achieve corporate objectives relative to the achievement of annual premium targets, profitability and sustainability.

•    Develop and execute effective marketing strategies and initiatives to capitalize on market opportunities through non-traditional channels including, but not limited to direct marketing, retail insurance and microinsurance business.

•    Conduct market research and analysis to generate up-to-date market intelligence on competitors’ products and market needs, identify new channel partnerships, develop co-branding opportunities or expand product and service offerings.

•    Monitor and develop channel opportunities, joint venture and partnerships to maximize revenues.

•    Direct the following:

o    implementation of approved policies, plans and budgets to achieve the established overall objectives and targets of the Department;
o    regular review of existing partners to evaluate performance and business distribution; 
o    development and expansion of positive, professional relationship with partners to build productive business and
o    submission of timely and accurate reports on sales activities and performance to Management. 

•    Introduce Company’s unique products and services to increase market penetration and expansion.

•    Design, develop and implement marketing strategies to identify effective distribution channels and programs.

•    Proactively maintain updated knowledge of industry, markets trends, existing and target channel accounts and competitive landscape.

•    Conduct periodic assessment of results versus plans to determine the need for modification in marketing strategies as a result of the changing market and competitive conditions.

•    Evaluate effectiveness of partner programs and implement improvement as necessary.

•    Monitor and assess business, political and economic conditions for possible opportunities and threats to the operations of the unit and recommend timely and appropriate courses of action.

•    Collaborate harmoniously with other departments in managing support, service and resources in order to meet partners’ expectations and in carrying out marketing events and activities.

•    Ensure adherence to and effective implementation of the Company’s professional branding strategies.

•    Monitor regularly the performance of the Department versus plans, budgets, and standards, analyze deviations, pinpoint areas for improvement and direct appropriate courses of action to ensure prompt and proper solution.
•    Direct, guide, train, motivate and evaluate performance of officers/staff directly supervised.  Promote staff development to support and ensure proper identification of key talents, create development plans for staff advancement, and establish and maintain succession plans for key positions within the Department.

•    Ensure coordination and harmonious working relations between/among the staff within the Department and with other work units of the Company.
•    Formulate monitoring systems and control measures to improve processes and efficiency of the Department.
•    Ensure adherence of staff to all Company policies, procedures and controls.
•    Represent the Department in Management meetings.

•    Perform other duties as may be assigned by immediate superior.

Job skills and requirements:

•    Bachelor / Master’s degree in Marketing or related field of study
•    Preferably with 10 years related work experience
•    In-depth understanding of Marketing principles and strategies
•    Excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills
•    Strong research, prospecting and strategic analysis skills
•    Strong negotiation and collaboration skills
•    Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office applications